Introducing SimplyNutrition

Your Bariatric Dietitians


Services Provided

As Registered Dietitians, we offer nutrition counseling in order to meet our patients’ needs. Our team focuses on Bariatric patients but are happy to see if we could be a good fit to help you with other concerns as well

Bariatric Evaluation

Nutrition evaluation to be approved for surgery.

Pre-op guidance

Lets work on your nutrition habits before surgery to make the post surgical nutrition transition smoother, and set you up for success,

Post-op guidance

With so much differing information floating around, we will give you the evidence based guidance at each stage of the diet progression, and tailor our recommendations to what your surgeon prefers and what will work best within your diet preferences and lifestyle.

Nonsurgical weight loss

Let us help you work towards your healthy goals!



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Isabel Feldman

Owner, Registered Dietitian

Jessica Wiklund

Registered Dietitian

Megan Tayar

Registered Dietitian



I get such great information that it reenergizes to get to my ultimate weight goal!

B. Khoury

Always tentative to my well-being and she is also very supportive to my process and I love it

T. Davis

My Dietitian - Bless her Heart - is ALREADY Great! Cannot think of any improvement suggestions at this time.

She's attentive. Upbeat. Keeps solid notes of our interactions and makes timely suggestions for my improvement. Quite the Motivator too!


My Dietitian she is the best there's only one I could ask you all to do is to make more like her

Sterling Hopkins