Dear Practitioner: 

You and I have the same goal: successful Bariatric patients!

Are your Bariatric patients maximizing the tool you give them? Are they well prepared? Are they continuing weight loss and health gains year on year?

I would be honored to be a resource for you and any of your patients seeking to maximize their Bariatric surgery outcomes.

As a Registered Dietitian in Texas, and member of ASMBS, I use evidence based nutrition and behavior modification strategies to help each patient implement a personalized nutrition plan.

   Yes I take insurance
   Yes I am available evenings
   Yes I practice via telehealth
   Yes I send you my session notes

Please refer any patients via email, to my website, or have them call me.
If you would like any in-office referral material, or if you would ever like me to host a nutrition session for interested or qualified patients, please let me know.

Patients do best when they are well informed, and I am here to make sure your patients have the guidance they need.

1.  Refer patients my way. Click here to download referral forms

2. Receive updated chart notes faxed from me

3. And know that the nutrition aspect of their care is under professional guidance

Email me to request business cards, fliers with my information, and to discuss working with me.

Isabel Feldman, RD., LD.

The Texas  Bariatric Dietitian

The Texas Bariatric Dietitian


Texas, USA

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