• Isabel Feldman

How to snack and make it count!

Ever since transitioning into having a private practice I’ve noticed that many of my clients are confused about how to snack. Snacking has a negative connotation, but if done right it can be a helpful tool to curb excessive portion sizes at the next meal, decrease cravings, help avoid getting hangry and having brain fog.

What does a healthy snack look like…?

Generally you should be fueling up with a snack or meal every 3-4 hours. If the time between meals is going to be more than 4 hours, a snack is appropriate.

Even with a healthy snack, overindulging is something to avoid. Having portioned out snacks ahead of time helps to keep the snack size under control.

A good snack to keep you full should have fiber AND fat/protein. This combination will energize you for longer and help avoid crashing.

Try picking an item from both lists, and combine them to create a healthy snack:

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